Business Intelligence Software – ActiOn

ActiOn software is a bold solution of business intelligence that has innovated the concept of data analysis and strategic information management tool enabling new market visions for company managers.

In addition to the speed of implementation and great visuals resources, “in-memory” access allows to navigate billions of records online.

It can be used by companies from the most diverse segments that need to consolidate large volumes of data and interact with strategic indicators easily and efficiently.

Through the QlikView technology embedded in our application. ActiOn has a great differential that consists in making accessible the use of (B.I) also by small and medium companies

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Control is a partner of QlikTech. Since 2004, we have been providing OEM solutions, that is, we have shipped our products to QlikView technology.

QlikView is the only (B.I) business intelligence tool with high performance “In Memory” response processing.

Among the global players that meet the pre-requisites to be classified as a Business Intelligence (B.I) tool, QlikView is the 2nd tool in the Gartner Group ranking (a kind of technology’s Nielsen) ranking by experts from various countries.

ActiOn – Business intelligence tool


Unlimited measures and dimensions modified in minutes


Alerts on key changes in transactional data


To load and analyze large datasets


Intuitive and requires little training


Export functions to Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint and others


Drill Down, cockpit’s and miscellaneous graphics

Business Intelligence – ActiOn with QlikView technology

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