Master Cross – Data analysis tool

Within companies, knowing how to decide is more than a matter of power, it is a matter of knowing, analyzing and planning.

For decision-making, we have two major pillars: information and planning. With the mastery of these points, the focus of work can gain many dimensions, but for this pair to work it is necessary that the information is the most accurate, enabling a fast and effective planning

Control developed MasterCross, an intuitive and simple-to-use tool that met the needs of the company to generate visions, reports and create analysis of the commercial, financial, fiscal/accounting and logistics areas.

ferramenta de análise de dados
analise de dados mastercross

Focusing on the tactical level was developed to facilitate the visualization of analytical queries using dynamic tables, graphs and KPI’s such as clocks and speedometers.

We offer the user the possibility to view multiple contexts in a query or multiple queries through the tab system.

MasterCross makes it possible to cross-reference data, check trends and histories in different contexts such as current, previous and historical month through 4(four) modules.

MasterCross – Data analysis tool 

Speed and agility in information management for decision making


Ease in querying information through “Dril-Down” and “click drag”


Three contexts of information: Current, previous and historical month


Creating views of KPI’s through (Data Warehouses)


Through “ETL” tool


Low implementation cost and few hours of training


User can create his own visions

Customized modules for your business

It has specifics of the area as:

  • Billing;
  • Products;
  • Clients;
  • Lending;
  • Bonification;
  • Freight;
  • Storage;
  • Return;
  • Coverage;
  • Positivation;
  • Objective;
  • and others.

Indicators for the financial area that can be customized:

  • Accounts payable;
  • Accounts receivable;
  • Conciliations;
  • and others.


  • Input and output registers
  • Summary of Taxes
  • Summaries by CFOP, nature, product, state, customer, supplier and others
  • Cost of goods


  • Chart of accounts and cost center relationship
  • Budget plan
  • Official reports (balance sheet, reason and DRE)
  • Consolidated reports
  • Analysis of detailed accounting information by source


  • Track miles traveled;
  • Perform the changes of Odometer – Tachograph;
  • Launch Licenses / DPVAT / Tolls / IPVA / Traffic Fines / Compulsory and Optional Insurance;
  • Perform Vehicle Transfers Between Locations / Cost Centers.


  • Check and control occurrences of drivers;
  • Make correct travel;
  • Issue travel advances;
  • Launch Trips / Transfers / Collections and Deliveries;
  • Conduct Driver Transfers Between Locations / Cost Centers.


  • Check the fuel consumption per vehicle, model;
  • Control the fuel inventory.


  • Elaborate maintenance plans for the emission of OS’s and RM’s;
  • Carry out preventative, expired and corrective maintenance;
  • Control expenses by vehicle, model, vehicle group, etc.


  • Elaborate Maintenance plans for the emission of OS’s and RM’s;
  • Carry out preventative, expired and corrective maintenance;
  • Control expenses by vehicle, model, vehicle group, etc.

Overall Costs

  • Control the cost of a vehicle’s mileage, model, type;
  • Perform cost comparison in the last 4 months.


  • Control stock of parts;
  • Issue RM’s (requisition of materials) for all OS’s (work orders);
  • Make purchase orders;
  • Check the durability of a particular part;
  • Perform the transfer of parts between locations.

Enables data export to Microsoft Office tools

analise de dados compativel com office