SFA Sales Force Automation

Unlike CRM, SFA’s sales force automation acts strongly in optimizing salesperson processes in the field, providing greater control over the stages of interaction and relationship between the customer and the vendor.

Automation of the SFA sales force tracks all vendor processes, causing them to place orders using mobility (tablet or smartphone). In addition to orders, sellers can capture various market information through parameterizable search (price, volume of competition, among others).

All the information collected is sent on-time to the legacy system where processing and information consolidation takes place, allowing supervisors and managers to visualize the sales partial, route bulletins, locate the seller and other information that helps in making decision before ending the sale process.

SFA Automação da força de vendas

SFA Sales Force Automation


Vendor tracking integrated with Google Maps


Partial sales that allows managers to take action via WEB portal


Sales, positivation, route time, orders and others


Record of perceptions so that no opportunity is lost


Birthday, hobby, football team and other’s


Check the presence of the equipment in the GPS and RFID validated POS


Monitoring daily and accumulated sales target


Capture of latitude and longitude through GPS

Some features

  • Customers in order of visit;
  • Update of the registration data;
  • Geocoding capture through GPS technology;
    Indicative text in the segmentation field to avoid wrong classification of the POS category;
  • Compulsory census of customer segmentation that has changed over time (Ex: Bar turned into Market);
  • Customer inactivation;
  • Loyalty data: birthday, hobby, soccer team and others;
  • Registration of up to three authorized to issue checks for third party payment;


  • Possibility to use GPS, RFID, Bar Code or QR Code to control the seller’s presence in the order “taking” to avoid “guesses”;
  • Locating customers through various filters.


  • Locates by group, category, bar code, brand, family and others;


  • Allows quick display of prices for “auction”;
  • Selection by group, category, brand, self service and attacked.
  • Historical data such as: credit limit, financial, lending, purchase potential, inventory inquiry;
  • Inventory / audit of heavy equipment (freezer / coolers) and the presence of equipment at the POS can be validated via GPS and RFID technology;
  • Allows the visualization of customer loyalty data (birthday, hobby, soccer team and others).
  • Follow-up of the goals of the day, volume and average price;
  • Positive indexes, number of clients to visit and visited;
  • Effectiveness of research;
  • Management Reports;
  • Transmissions along the route to streamline pre-billing;
  • System operates online and offline;
  • Issue of the route bulletin containing the summary of the activities of the seller;
  • Follow-up by the managers (Manager, supervisor) of the partial sales of the day to take actions via WEB portal;
  • Follow-up of sellers en route integrated to Google Maps.
  • Periodic data collection of weekly volume, PVV, PVC and Deadline;
  • Day rate per sampling (volume, PVV, PVC);
  • Price elasticity;
  • Parametrized (questionnaires);
  • Merchandising (freezer, table, luminous, etc…);
  • Market perception.
SFA Automação da força de vendas - lista

Customer display indicators

PD – Order status on the day
Gray – Unvisited customer
Green – Customer visited and with order
Red – Customer visited and with non-purchase reason

PS – Research
Gray – Customer without research
Red – Customer must be researched
Green – Researched customer

IN – Inventory of Property, Plant and Equipment
Gray – No assets to inventory
Red – Customer has inventory to inventory
Green – Customer with inventory assets