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Commercial / Sales

Improve the performance of your sales team with control monitoring and automation tools



Improve logistics organization and performance with cost and time-saving solutions


Mobility aids business optimization, check out our solutions to innovate your company’s management


Solutions for research management, checklist support and control of promoters and visual merchandising

Ferramenta de análise MasterCross
MasterCross analysis tool

Convert data into information focused on the tactical level, do the analysis of various KPIs in a practical and efficient way

Business Intelligence ActiOn
Business Intelligence ActiOn

Big data volumes to make strategic decisions through the performance indicators. Powered by QlikView

ERP – Sistema de gestão da distribuição
ERP – Distribution management system

In the market since 1990, specialized in the distribution management it is the most cost-effective and viable solution for this segment

Get our solutions through the BNDES facilitations.

WMS – Warehouse management system

The Warehouse Management System – WMS was developed to optimize intralogistics management and its processes.
It can be accessed 100% via WEB, uses the concept of cloud storage or SaaS (Software as Service) for small and medium enterprises.


#TamosJuntos sales portal

Through the #TamosJuntos portal, the retailer/wholesaler offers an online sales channel for its resellers and enables the PDV to follow up and place orders, besides many other benefits.

It is an innovative solution that provides the PDS with a new shopping and service provision experience which complements the work done by the field sales team. In addition to customer loyalty, the potential for sales growth through this channel considerably increases.


MasterCross Remuneration

Sales performance analysis

It allows you to parameterize the calculation of commissions using various performance indicators (positivity, coverage, volume, average price and others) and groupings (product, product family, regions, and others).



Fleet management system

Planning and managing fleets consists of knowing all operational and logistic activity from the control of fixed vehicle direct expenses (IPVA, insurance, licensing, etc.), variable direct expenses (fuels, lubricants, maintenance, tires, warehouse) that will compose the fleet operating costs.


Pathfind - Route

Roteirização de entregas

The Pathfind Route was conceived with a WEB system that creates routes from the deliveries using mathematical and heuristic algorithms considering the vehicles available, displays the best and the shortest route which must be taken daily aiming to reduce logistics costs and ensure a good cargo allocation

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A LinkedBy está presente em empresas de diversos segmentos e tamanhos. Levando produtividade, economia e eficiência para nossos clientes


The best softwares to save money along the route and increase the efficiency of the sales team


Through bold solutions, we have the perfect choice for your sales team. Be it in the field or on the internet, we have the solution


Our systems are customized to meet your demands, whether they are complex or one-off


Our ERP integrates your entire company with a complete peer-to-peer management solution, your whole company in the palm of your hand.

Efficiency & Economy

Our software suite has the best to bring efficiency, agility and economy to your company.

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