solução vendas ou comercial

Commercial / Sales

Increase the performance of your sales force through monitoring and automation control tools

Sistema para logística, roteirização, gestão de frotas, wms


Improve the organization and performance of the logistics industry with solutions that help reduce costs and time

icone solução mobilidade linkedby


Mobility helps business optimization, check out our solutions to innovate the management of your company

icone solução trademarketing linkedby


Solutions for search management, checklist support and control of promoters and visual merchandising

icone solução análise de dados mastercross

MasterCross Analysis Tool

Turn data into information, focused on the tactical level, analyze various KPIs in a practical and efficient way

icone solução business intelligence action

Business Intelligence ActiOn

Large volumes of data for strategic decision making through performance indicators. Powered by QlikView

icone solução erp

ERP – Distribution Management System

In the market since 1990, specialized in distribution management is the most economical and viable solution for this segment

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