System for distributor and wholesaler

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems are already part of good management practices, especially in the distribution and wholesale industries, and are necessary to ensure success in the business world. The benefits, speed and agility in the flow of information that the ERP offers are indispensable to add value and generate a competitive advantage.

Through the experience of one of its partners that for more than 40 years has managed several sectors of industry and distribution, ERP J-Control has emerged in complete synergy with this market, always seeking differentiators, innovations and increasingly understanding this segment.

sistema para distribuidor e atacadista
J-Control ERP uses the JAVA language that currently ranks first in the ranking of programming languages with a 14.98% (2018) market share according to TIOBE.


Ranking of programming languages – TIOBE (2018)

erp distribuição - control
erp distribuição - control

The J-Control ERP system consists of a set of integrated modules that involve all services and activities such as: Sales / Billing / Inventory, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable, Banking Control, Tax Books, Accounting, HR, Immobilized and Logistics.

Besides that we add to our system for distributor and wholesaler ERP J-Control mobility applications, business Intelligence (BI), compensation management and in the logistics area (tracking, delivery routing and field teams planner) among others.

Business module specialized in distributors and wholesalers

> Registration
> Orders
> Business policies
> Price scheduling (band)
> Trade restrictions
> Control of funds
> Bonus policies
> Combo products
>> sucess photography
>> focus
>> polarization
>> micro segmentation

> Revenue
> Stock
> Counting via mobile device
> Loading (map of load)
> Accountability
> Commissions
> Commodities
> Merchandising
> Telemarketing
> Goals
> Credit Control
> Management Reports

> Researches
>> periodic collection (volume and others)
>> daily by sampling
>> price elasticity
>> parameterized (questionnaires)
>> merchandising (freezer, table and others)
>> market perception.

We offer greater cost savings through J-Control in the cloud version

(partner with Amazon Web Services)

Other system modules for distributor and wholesaler – J-Control ERP

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