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MasterCross – Data analysis tool

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Inside the companies, knowing how to make a decision is more than a matter of power, it is about knowing, analyzing and planning.

We have two pillars for decision-making: information and planning. With the mastery of these points, the focus of the work can gain several dimensions, but for this pair to work it is necessary that the information is the most accurate, enabling a fast and effective planning.

Control developed the Master Cross, an intuitive and easy-to-handle tool which fulfills the company’s needs to generate insights, reports and create analysis of the commercial, financial, tax/accounting and logistic areas.

Focused on the tactical level, it was developed to facilitate the view of analytic consultations using pivot tables, graphics and KPIs as clocks and speedometers.

We provide the user with the chance to view multiple contexts in one consultation or many consultations through the tab system.

Master Cross allows data crossing, verifying trends and histories in different contexts such as current month, previous and history through 4 (four) modules.

Speed and agility in the information management for decision-making.


Modules tailored for your business


Has are specificities such as:

  • Turnover;
  • Products;
  • Customers;
  • Lending;
  • Bonus;
  • Freight;
  • Stock;
  • Return;
  • Coverage;
  • Positivity;
  • Goal;
  • and others.


Indicators for the financial area that can be customized:

  • Accounts payable;
  • Accounts receivable;
  • Reconciliations;
  • and others.

Fiscal / Contábil


  • Input and output records
  • Input and output records
  • Taxes Report (ICMS, ICMS-ST, IPI, PIS and COFINS)
  • Reports by CFOP, nature, product, state, customer, supplier and others
  • Cost of goods



  • Chart of cost ratio and cost center
  • Budget planning
  • Official reports (trial balance, balance sheet, ledger and DRE)
  • Consolidated reports
  • Accounting information analysis detailed by source
  • talhadas por origem



  • Control mileages travelled;
  • Perform the changes of Milometer – Tachograph;
  • Entry of licensing / DPVAT / Tolls / IPVA / Traffic Tickets / Mandatory and Optional insurance;
  • Transfer Vehicles between Locations / Cost Centers.


  • Check and control incidents with drivers;
  • Make travel arrangements;
  • Issue travel advances;
  • Entry Trips / Transfers / Pickups and Deliveries;
  • Transfer Drivers between Locations / Cost Centers.


  • Check the fuel consumption by vehicle, model;
  • Control the fuel stock;


  • Elaborate maintenance plans for OS’s and RM’s issuance;
  • Perform past due, due and corrective preventive maintenance;
  • Control expenses by vehicle, model, vehicle group, etc;


  • Track the movement of each tire;
  • Control the cost of km driven by tire, model, measure, reformer;
  • Check the services done by reformers and tire shops;

General Costs

  • Control the cost of km driven by vehicle, model, type;
  • Compare costs in the last 4 months.


  • Control the parts stock;
  • Issue RMs (materials request) to all OSs (service orders);
  • Place the purchase orders;
  • Check the endurance of a particular part;
  • Transfer parts between locations;

Enables the data export to the Microsoft Office tools


A little about our MasterCross

We will convert data into information

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