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TamosJuntos portal

B2B Sales and Services portal, a new sales channel for your company. The best e-commerce focused on your B2B sales, a whole customized portal for you to sell more and better.

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Sales Planner

Visits optimization for the sales team. Plan the best route focused on results, increasing the efficiency and the sales figures.

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MVM – Control

WEB system destined to track the performance of sales or service teams throughout the day and it may be easily integrated into any SFA – Sales Force Automation, in the market.

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SFA – Sales Force Automation

Unlike CRM, the SFA sales force automation works strongly in the optimization of field sellers processes, offering greater control over the steps of interaction and relationship between customer and seller.

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PDC – Embedded Sale Control

In the embedded sale, the driver sells and delivers the product simultaneously within a predefined route of customer visitation(route). The differential of our embedded sale system is the automation of many processes such as: outbound conference, note issuance and peer-to-peer receiving, inbound conference(return), provision of accounts by the driver and return shipment for sale.

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MasterCrossRemuneração – Assess Sales Team

MasterCross Remuneração is a tool that facilitates the assessment of the performance of the entire sales team in a practical way.

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MasterCross – Information data

MasterCross Comercial helps you turn all of this into general and usable information

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Action Comercial

The ActiOn software is a bold business intelligence solution that innovated the concept of data analysis and strategic information management tool, enabling new market visions for company managers.

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